I have a B.S. in computer science with a minor in mathematics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Recently I have completed two years of graduate work toward a PhD in computer science with an emphasis in artificial intelligence. Over the last 10 years I have worked as a software engineer for companies specializing in robotics/automation, medical imaging, and hearing aid manufacturing. I have two patents and have published papers at scientific conferences. My career in software requires the keenest eye for detail. Even a single jot or tittle out of place can wreak havoc in a software system. This experience in attention to detail will serve me as your representative. As bills come across my desk I will delve into the minutiae to ensure that these bills are not creating loopholes or costing you money.

I am a scientist and lifelong student. I learned the scientific method in high school and refined my understanding of it in college physics and quantum mechanics. This method of understanding is the best way that humanity has developed to sound understanding and it can be applied in all forms of life. However most of our politicians are woefully under trained in the sciences and thus make laws which make no sense. We need more scientists in charge of public policy. As a trained scientist I can bring a scientific eye to legislation and help refine bills so that they do not run afoul of scientific progress.

I continuously seek to find new understanding through continuous study. Currently I am engaged in studying ancient history especially the origins of civilization – the near east, Greco/Roman history, the history of the Vikings/Nordic people, and the history of Medieval Europe. These studies have shined a light on my understanding of our present day. I have also been studying economics and law.

My wife Jennifer and I have been married for 5 years and we've lived in North Minneapolis since 2000. While in college I lived in South Minneapolis so I've been a resident of the area for over 12 years.

My father is a financial planner, mortician, and bail bondsman. He has inspired me to continuously try new endeavors in life and never seek a place of complacency. We grew up in humble beginnings in the Iron Range. So I have seen firsthand the effects that globalization can have (both positive and negative). My mother is a registered nurse and tireless adventurer. She never gives up and is always seeking to expand her horizons. I have learned much from my parents, friends, and family and hope to bring these experiences and knowledge into service for you as state representative.